Channeling COLLECTIVE Wisdom

"We know that you are on the cusp of a brand new civilization upon this planet. A civilization born of those who are divine...and know it."
"You are a melding of the best intentions of the brightest, of the most loving and caring, entities in the Universe."
"You came here at the turning of the energy - at the foundation of a new human race...that you may manifest and experience a greater measure of your own divinity within this human body."
"The beings upon this plane were supposed to be some of the most powerful beings ever created. A divine mixture, a divine melding, of the very best that the Universe has to offer.

Rick and I have been asked repeatedly to host a workshop to talk about ET contact – so here it is! 

Watching the Sky: A Practical Approach to ET Contact is for anyone who has ever wondered about UFOs, other civilizations, or consciousness in general.  These three topics are intricately linked and will provide the foundation for our time together.  We’ve put together an agenda of interesting topics that will be helpful to you in pursuing your own contact experiences. 

We’ll be sharing our best photos and video of our own contact experiences!  This is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people and interact in a courteous and respectful venue.  

We’re excited to spend this time with you!  


Our Personal Story

Rick and I will be sharing the best of our UFO pictures and video!  This is a still frame from a video shot on April 9, 2016, at 2:30 am, from the back porch of our home in Wisconsin.  This was one of two craft that visited us that night.  Our lives were never the same again.  I first channeled The COLLECTIVE less than two weeks later.  We believe more and more people are having similar experiences and we hope to demystify the process of contact for any who are willing to learn.


Woman looking up at the night sky

The COLLECTIVE teaches, “You are energy with consciousness.  That is what you are.  First, foremost, and forever. ”  Our consciousness is intricately linked to that of other civilizations and one another.  Understanding this concept is at the heart of making contact experiences welcome.  We’ll hear from The COLLECTIVE on this and then open the floor for participants  to interact with them one-on-one.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those who haven’t seen channeling before to experience it in person.

Tools for Tracking

Flash light and compass

We’ll be covering a variety of electronic equipment and night vision technology that is helpful in tracking contact experiences.  We’ll also be demonstrating a few mobile applications that are useful for tracking constellations and satellite activity.  These applications, in correlation with still and video photography, assist in ruling out natural or known phenomenon from actual contact experiences.  Documentation will be provided for all devices discussed during the workshop.

Photography Equipment

Man with camera shooting the night sky

Shooting night-time photography, especially when dealing with a moving object, can be challenging.  We’ll cover a variety of photographic equipment we use to help us get the best shots the first time.  Tips for camera settings, such as ISO and shutter speed, will be covered and examples shown.  Tripods and tripod heads will also be discussed with demonstrations.  Lastly, we’ll share our night vision equipment and setup for spotting and video recording.

The Team Concept

Group of people taking pictures of night sky

There’s alot going on when you’re seeking to make contact.  While quiet evenings by yourself in the backyard can be quite special, it really takes a team effort when you’re seeking to document, and also peacefully enjoy, a contact experience.  We’ll share our best ideas for setting up your own team, designating responsibilities, and making sure you’re working with a resonate group of people.  The group contact experience isn’t just about seeing a UFO, it’s also about fostering a cooperative, consciously aware team.