Channeling COLLECTIVE Wisdom

"We know that you are on the cusp of a brand new civilization upon this planet. A civilization born of those who are divine...and know it."
"You are a melding of the best intentions of the brightest, of the most loving and caring, entities in the Universe."
"You came here at the turning of the energy - at the foundation of a new human race...that you may manifest and experience a greater measure of your own divinity within this human body."
"The beings upon this plane were supposed to be some of the most powerful beings ever created. A divine mixture, a divine melding, of the very best that the Universe has to offer.

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One-on-One Mentoring with The COLLECTIVE
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“Until you appropriately love self you’re not acknowledging your standing as Source.  The vast majority of the human race stands in condemnation of themselves as individuals.   And because of that, you can only rise so high in your consciousness, you can only dream so big, you can only create so much.  A transformation of the earth-plane is at hand.  How will you accomplish it if this is standing in your way?  Self-love is at the foundation of everything we teach.  It is the exemplification of your understanding of who and what you are.”


What does it mean to love self?

Self-love can be an incredibly difficult thing to experience in our world. 

How we should feel about ourselves is part of our familial and societal programming and, in large part, is determined from a very young age.  Most of us have been raised to be overly concerned with the opinion of others and much less concerned with our opinion of self, much to our own detriment.

Learning to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion is predicated on understanding who and what we are.  If we really believed that we were aspects of Source, would we condemn and judge ourselves?  Would we subject ourselves to relationships that are more give than take or allow others to dominate our energy, time, and resources?  Wouldn’t we evaluate our entire lives by a different standard that is based on an appropriate measure of love and concern for self?  Of course we would.

We just don’t feel we have permission to do so.  Loving self doesn’t come naturally to any of us.

The COLLECTIVE teaches that self-love is at the foundation of our experience as human beings, and our lack of love for self is the reason many of us are struggling to create the experience that would truly make us happy.  We fear what others would think, we fear we’re not really creators, we fear failure.  In so doing, we set aside our love for self in favor of … what?  

Loving self is about more than feeling good on the inside.  It’s about honoring your position as a divine being and learning how to create a beautiful life using your own love for self as the catalyst for your transformation.   

This course is designed to help you examine your behavior, motivations, and opinions about yourself.  Each session is accompanied by homework that is referenced in our discussion time at the beginning of each class. The COLLECTIVE will be interacting with participants one-on-one and also be providing a topical teaching each week.  We hope you’ll consider joining us for The Art of Loving Self. It’s never too late to transform your life!

Course Content


Week One

Embracing Your Own Divinity

The COLLECTIVE teaches that we are aspects of Source.  As such, we are divine and possess far more power and control over our experience than we realize.  We’ll be learning that love for self is at the heart of the power to recognize our individual standing as divine beings.

butterfly (taenaris urania) isolated on white

Week Two

Examining the Miracle of Love

The path toward transformation begins with our love for self because love is a catalyst.  Love is also the frequency of Source that holds all that is together, even when we struggle to see the evidence of it in our world.  We’ll examine the true frequency of love and how it serves our world.

Taxidermy - Blue and white swallowtail butterfly, negative and isolated on white

Week Three

Overcoming Religious Judgement

Religious doctrine and dogma have had a global influence on beliefs surrounding sin and judgement, even for those of us who may not be involved in standardized religion.  This week is about releasing our judgement of self and moving into a more loving and accepting attitude.  

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Week Four

Releasing Societal Programming

Every society has expected norms and standards around our worth as individuals that each of us seek to comply with, even when we don’t realize we’re doing so.  We’ll learn to be more cognizant of limiting expectations and how to release those that don’t serve us.

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Week Five

Eliminating Shame and Guilt

We’ve all done things that we’re ashamed of or have led to long-standing feelings of guilt.  The COLLECTIVE teaches that you are perfect in every moment because you are an aspect of Source.  We’ll examine the fallout of, and critical need to release, the damaging frequency of shame.

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Week Six

Validating Your Emotions

Emotions are a unique part of the human experience.  They span from the highest joys to the darkest thoughts about self.  This week we learn the purpose of our emotions, how to work with them for our own expansion, and the role of the Original Self in communicating through emotion.

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Week Seven

Compassion as a Lifestyle

While many of us excel at extending compassion to others, very few of us extend the same measure to ourselves.  We do this because we struggle to view ourselves with objectivity and kindness.  This week we consider the importance of compassion in the life of every human being.

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Week Eight

Demonstrating Love to Self

This last week we examine the behaviors that indicate a lack of love for self and talk to The COLLECTIVE about how to transform those experiences.  We’ll be covering relationships, time management, and prioritizing your life around your own needs.  

ONLINE | Eight Weeks | Tuesday Nights
One-on-One Mentoring with The COLLECTIVE
6:30 – 9:00 pm (Central)


*Two payments of $347.50 available