Channeling COLLECTIVE Wisdom

"We know that you are on the cusp of a brand new civilization upon this planet. A civilization born of those who are divine...and know it."
"You are a melding of the best intentions of the brightest, of the most loving and caring, entities in the Universe."
"You came here at the turning of the energy - at the foundation of a new human race...that you may manifest and experience a greater measure of your own divinity within this human body."
"The beings upon this plane were supposed to be some of the most powerful beings ever created. A divine mixture, a divine melding, of the very best that the Universe has to offer.


Group of friends huddle in rear view together

Higher Frequency Relationships

September 5th – November 7th | 2018

Eight-week online course held Wednesday evenings.

Ever wonder why some relationships don’t pan out?  Or, why certain friendships don’t foster the connection that others do?  The reason is frequency. Frequency determines the intimacy, strength, and longevity of all relationships.

Inner Healing

Outer Joy

October 11th – December 6th | 2018

Eight-week online course held Thursday evenings.

The frequency of hurt contributes to every endeavor of our lives.  It holds us back from realizing our highest aspirations and convinces us on a regular basis that we are unworthy of them.  We need to be willing to heal.