Channeling COLLECTIVE Wisdom

"We know that you are on the cusp of a brand new civilization upon this planet. A civilization born of those who are divine...and know it."
"You are a melding of the best intentions of the brightest, of the most loving and caring, entities in the Universe."
"You came here at the turning of the energy - at the foundation of a new human race...that you may manifest and experience a greater measure of your own divinity within this human body."
"The beings upon this plane were supposed to be some of the most powerful beings ever created. A divine mixture, a divine melding, of the very best that the Universe has to offer.

“Why release old paradigms?  Because they keep you from growing.  Those who believe they have truth and they know everything they need to know, they stop growing, they stop expanding, because they don’t view themselves as divine beings who are constantly having an experience that is transforming in every moment their understanding of themselves and this plane of existence.  It is a time now in these energies where you need to understand that transformation is the goal.  Continual transformation.”


In my role as channel for The COLLECTIVE, I get a front row seat to the spiritual beliefs of other people – I find that aspect of my career infinitely fascinating. 

Equally fascinating is how The COLLECTIVE interacts with each of us to push the boundaries of our understanding and willingness to embrace all that we are and the ramifications of being divine inside a human body.  Things are changing.  The earth is immersed in energies we’ve not experienced before and we’re changing right along with everything around us.  It’s time to re-examine our purpose in being here and our understanding of our own divinity.  

The COLLECTIVE teaches that releasing beliefs that don’t serve us and embracing ones that will is our divine right, inherent in who and what we are as aspects of Source.  They also teach that The Law of Attraction was put into place in order that we could experience the manifestation of our beliefs and make decisions as creators what kind of life we want to live.  Pretty heady stuff.  

How are your paradigms serving you?  Are you exercising a choice as a divine being or living under beliefs you’ve not examined since you first embraced them?  Join us for this fascinating examination of metaphysical foundations and decide for yourself whether your current understanding needs to be expanded.

The format of the workshop is lecture and live Q & A with participants.  Have to miss a week?  We’ve got your back!  All sessions will be recorded via video and audio and access will be granted for playback.

You may attend via computer, tablet, or mobile.  Call-in by telephone is not available at this time.

Registration will stay open for the duration of the workshop as replays are available from prior weeks.   

Dates:  February 27th and March 6th, 13th, and 20th
4-Week Online Workshop
Wednesday Nights @ 7:00 pm (Central)
75 minutes