Channeling COLLECTIVE Wisdom

"We know that you are on the cusp of a brand new civilization upon this planet. A civilization born of those who are divine...and know it."
"You are a melding of the best intentions of the brightest, of the most loving and caring, entities in the Universe."
"You came here at the turning of the energy - at the foundation of a new human race...that you may manifest and experience a greater measure of your own divinity within this human body."
"The beings upon this plane were supposed to be some of the most powerful beings ever created. A divine mixture, a divine melding, of the very best that the Universe has to offer.

“Your divinity cannot be bestowed upon you.  It is inherent in what you are – an aspect of the one who created you.”


The COLLECTIVE tells us consistently that we are an aspect of Source with the same frequency and creative potential.  Why don’t we feel divine?  What holds us back from viewing ourselves as such?

The influence of religion is ingrained in our society and our view of self.  Religion and The Divine Self is an opportunity to explore and release the religious programming that many of us still struggle with.  We speak to people all the time who are carrying guilt and shame for pursuing a greater understanding of their own divinity.  They don’t necessarily seek to abandon their religious history, but to reconcile and resolve it in light of new experiences and understanding.  Religion and The Divine Self is an opportunity to release these feelings and set a new course of joy and love.

Don’t miss this fascinating series of channeled lectures from The COLLECTIVE.

The format of the workshop is lecture and live Q & A with participants.  Have to miss a week?  We’ve got your back!  All sessions will be recorded via video and audio and access will be granted for playback.

You may attend via computer, tablet, mobile, or call-in by phone.  Please note the call-in numbers are not toll-free.

Registration will stay open for the duration of the workshop as replays are available from prior weeks.   

Dates:  November 14th, 28th, and December 5th, 12th
4-Week Online Workshop
Wednesday Nights @ 7:00 pm (CST)
75 minutes